Gandolph St. Clair is a St. Lucian graduate of the Jamaica School of Drama, Class of '81, where he majored in Directing. His directing credits include his own plays; One Love (1977 Howick Elcock Memorial Award winner), Bins and Tins, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Dennis Scott, Drum Maker by Kendel Hippolyte (Jamaica, 1980), Errol John's Moon of a Rainbow Shawl in 1982 with students of the Castries Comprehensive School, and Sophocles' Antigone adapted by Michael Gilkes in 1977.

As a stage actor, he has played Asagai in Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun, Umberto in Eduardo Fillipe's Filumena, Luigi in Dario Fo's We Can't Pay We Won't Pay, Galileo in Berholt Brecht's Galileo, Gonzalo in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Dessalines in Derek Walcott's The Haytian Earth, Charlie Parker in Unfinished Women, Augustin in the Creole version of Derek Walcott's Sea at Dauphin.


As a film actor he featured in Peter Benchley's 1997 film, The Creature, as Dr. Bastien. The film was shot in St. Lucia and starred Craig T. Nelson and Kim Cattrall.

As a playwright he has written and produced three radio plays broadcast on Radio St. Lucia. One Love, Guess Who Came To Visit The Doctor, Just In Case (2nd place in the BBC's 1982 Write a Radio Play competition). 1+1+1 was produced at York University's CHRY in 1989 as a commissioned radio play to commemorate the tenth Anniversary of St. Lucia's Independence.

Guess Who Came To Visit The Doctor has been performed by the Gulf Theatre Workshop of New Jersey in 1978 and by the Strolling Players of Trinidad and Tobago in 1983. The poet read at the 7th International Black Book Fair in London and Bradford in England in 1988.

Published to date are as follows, Reaching Out in 1982, Urf Song (M&C Literary Award in 1984), The Patent Man in 1985, The Moon in Daylight in 1987, "4-2" (1979 Independence short story) in 1997, Firefall in 2002 and Just In Case in 2007.

In 1985, for Derek Walcott's Dessalines, he won the M&C Fine Arts Best Actor Award.